Archive Search Tips

  • You can search by anything you like, but be aware that we might not have some info filled in (Year especially), so clicking Clear Form is wise before any search, lest you have a component in the search that will narrow it to nothing.
  • Back & Home often take you to the search page, but Home will take you to a clear form while Back does not clear the form. 
  • The Keyword box is very flexible. om will match to Omer, from, or any other entry with om in it.
  • It is not case-sensitive. Da will match with daveDavid, Ada, and Today. You get the idea....
  • Year and Decade will miss entries that don't have that information filled in.
  • An example of sensible multiple search's might be:






Audio color     All color war breaks that have complete audio.
Video color     Color war breaks that have video.
  color 1980   All color war breaks from the '80's.
Plaque     1968 All Plaques from 1968
Plaque trip 1960   All Tripping Plaques from the 1960's
Plaque activity 1960   All Activity plaques from the 1960's
Plaque year   1973 The 1973 plaque.
  • Plaques searches can be refined by ACTIVITY, TRIP or YEAR (for the year-end plaque).  We do not have all of the little plaques, but FISH, ARCHERY, SWIM, etc. are also valid searches in the keywords.
  • Plaques, CAMP Radio and Cabin Photos can be EXCLUDED from the searches. This allows searching a particular decade for more obscure items. If you EXCLUDE say, Plaques, but also choose Plaques in the dropdown menu, the plaques will NOT be excluded.
  • To see what the LATEST additions are, search for a single space character in the Keyword box. That  will result in EVERYTHING in the database! Click on the highest page number at the bottom for the most recent items.
  • Smartphones have trouble with DOCUMENTS. Here's the Work-Around.
  • Pictures of historical interest all have "Historical" in the keywords. enter HISTORICAL to see them. 
  • There are few UNKNOWN pictures in the database. Please browse them by using the keyword unknown. If you can help to identify one or more, email the (un-clickable for spammy reasons) address below.